"At its best glass captures light solidified in varied volumes of colour, appearing solid and yet somehow weightless."


Tayder’s kiln glass is fundamentally traditional. Each design has been created from her direct observations of nature and preserved in a charming range.

This months closer look

The British fox is remarkably adaptable and can live in both rural and urban settings quite successfully.  The males are slightly larger than the female and although most foxes are a reddish brown variations such as orange and yellow with a dark strip down the back can be seen.
The life expectancy is quite short in Urban areas - about 12-18 months, however in rural areas they may live unto three years.

My inspiration for the little glass foxes came from watching one that used to visit a friends garden on a regular basis to enjoy a varied diet of scraps put out especially for her, then one day she just stopped coming.  The advice given by the keepers at the British Wildlife Centre is not to feed them as this encourages not just that fox but you could end up with a number of them visiting you.  My Parents used to feed a fox, they only ever had the one and she behaved herself impeccably - the dogs were even friendly with her - then one day, they found her, she had been shot and slung over their fence - they were heart broken.

It is by bringing a contemporary style to the tradition of enamelled glass that Tayder introduces a fresh approach to ornamentation with her hand-made glass pictures and vessels.